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A professional siding contractor will help you maximize the usefulness of your siding while enhancing the appearance of your home or business property. They will have a keen knowledge of the industry’s best products and can introduce you to the benefits and versatility available.

At Powell Exteriors KC, our team can easily manage the craftsmanship that goes into siding installation and repairs and offer you friendly and reliable customer care while we’re at it.

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Powell Exteriors KC: Skilled Local Siding Contractor

One purpose of siding is to create a beautiful aesthetic for a business or home’s exterior. While style and visual appeal are a point of pride that adds curb appeal, it's more the icing on the cake. Siding is the interior’s armor. It insulates to lower energy costs and prevents water infiltration and the misery of dealing with mold, mildew and even flood restoration. Installation must be just right; not too tight and not too loose, stay well attached but also be flexible in the wind and temperature changes.

Powell Exteriors KC original installations and siding replacements are top-rated.

Siding Company Specialists

Over the years, we’ve accrued the best possible team to care for Lee's Summit’s siding and gutters. Our professionals know the ins and outs of every kind of siding, its best attributes and how it stacks up against all the other types. 

We can recommend what might work best in different scenarios and in which style, always considering your budget. Whatever choices are made, it’s guaranteed our work will leave siding to perform at maximum capacity, looking beautiful to boot.

Full Siding Services

When you are staffed with the cream of the crop, you are free to offer every siding and gutter service that building exteriors could ever need. We proudly provide complete siding and gutter services, with warranty and customer satisfaction included. These include:

  • Initial inspection, assessment, consultation, and estimate: we take the information we need, you fire off your list of questions, and ultimately we develop a plan.
  • Cleaning and maintenance for every type of siding and gutter part. This is our most affordable service and the most beneficial!
  • Repairs, big or small.
  • Replacement, partial or full.
  • Adding elements to siding or gutter systems.
  • Redesign of gutter system, siding placement or style.

House Siding Company

While we do plenty of work with the business sector, we really shine with our residential siding projects. We love going through the different attributes of siding varieties for those looking to revamp their exteriors or need a full siding replacement. There are also siding styles to consider to really have the façade make an impact. Our favorite sidings for performance, look, and affordability is:

  • Vinyl: imitates many finishes in multiple colors
  • Engineered wood: a fraction of the cost/maintenance of real, eco-friendly
  • Fiber cement: imitation wood, durable, long-lasting

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