Everyone loves to have nice windows, but do you know how important windows truly are? Quality windows are vital to any residence for various reasons. They're one of the few features you can see from both inside and outside the house. They can provide you with a nice view of your home's surrounding environment or give your home's curb appeal a nice boost. Consequently, windows can add or detract from your overall home aesthetic while providing protection. If you're ready for a new window installation, here are six factors you should know may affect the final cost.

1. Materials

The material you choose for your windows can have a major impact on what you will pay. After all, glass isn't the only material involved in your window construction. We've seen that quality vinyl windows installed by a professional typically cost between $800 and $1000 on average depending on size and type. Comparatively, composite windows can cost one and a half to two times as much, according to HomeGuide. In addition to vinyl, windows can also consist of wood, fiberglass, and aluminum. Furthermore, the more features your windows have, the more material the windows need.

2. Home Size

There's a big difference in what your final cost would be when you need a window installation for a small single-family home versus a multi-level mansion. The larger the home, the more windows you're likely to have. Of course, if you only need to replace one window due to damage, then it won't have as much of a huge price deviation, regardless of the size of your home. Many homeowners want their home windows to look uniform, so if you plan to do a design overhaul, you'll likely have to do window installation throughout your entire space.

3. Features

With window installation services, there are different features you can consider investing in. In addition to the window and frame itself, you may want to further protect it with more durable glass. Certain windows may have different types of handles and fixtures to enhance their design.

4. Style

As you consider window installation, you won't be at a loss of style to choose from. The style you pick can be affected by the type of material you prefer. For example, if you want a more rustic or elegant style, you may prefer wooden windows. If you're going for a more industrial and sleek look, aluminum windows may be beneficial. Windows can also come in single or double-pane options.

Ask your window provider about their options and would they would recommend. They'll certainly be able to point you in the right direction. The type of hinge you have on your window also affects its style. French windows open in the middle, almost like two individual doors. You can have window styles that open from the top or that you have to slide up and down.

5. Window Size

Are you someone who loves large windows that go almost all the way down to the ground? Do you want windows that have enough wide space for a window seat? Do you need strategically placed small windows to let in just enough natural light without invading your privacy? Maybe you want to install a room with windows as large as possible to go along a wall. Consider your window size when you think about exactly how much light you want in a room and how private you want the space to be. Just remember that the larger the windows you build, the more material will be needed, which can cause costs to rise.

6. Climate

How does climate affect the cost of window installation? If you live in a certain part of the country, you may need thicker windows or more energy-efficient windows to insulate your home. If you're in a place that's more prone to storms and high winds, your windows may need to be stronger and more durable.

As you can see, there are many variables to your window installation costs. Factors such as size, style, climate, and materials used can all affect how much you'll eventually spend on your new windows. For a professional window installation you can trust and be proud to show off, Powell Exteriors KC is here to help. Contact us today for a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you upgrade your windows with style.